Why 18 Wheeler Large Truck Wrecks Happen

There are many factors that can attribute to 18 wheeler accidents. Some of these factors include:

  • Drivers who can net see in blind spots
  • Vehicle failure
  • Driver failure

Driver failure often times is biggest factor in 18 wheeler accidents. Due to notoriously tight deadlines, drivers often exceed speed limits, tailgate and drive recklessly. Many other drivers also drive while fatigued and often with only minimal sleep which often leads to these drivers falling asleep at the wheel or unable to pay sufficient attention to avoid accidents. Alarmingly, many drivers also drive while under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs.

Insurance Hurdles
Our staff will determine coverage for your injuries under your insurance claim and work hard to get you the benefits entitled to you under said policy. Many accident insurance companies drag their feet paying medical claims on time and often times when payment is finally received, it’s not for the full amount. Your lawyer will ensure that the insurance company lives up to the policy that it sold to you -and for the coverage you’ve paid for – providing you the coverage you deserve for your medical costs and suffering.

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