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Truck Accidents

Truck accidents kill thousands of individuals every year. Quite often, those killed in such accidents are the drivers of the passenger vehicles involved – not the truck drivers. Because of their size, commercial trucks do not have the same level of visibility or reaction time as smaller motor vehicles. That is why when motor vehicle accidents between cars and trucks happen, the results can be fatal.

Being injured in a truck accident or losing a family member in such an accident can be emotionally overwhelming for those involved. Along with the emotional issues, accident victims and their families may face high medical bills and long-term treatment obligations. Truck accident victims should be aware that under the law, they might be entitled to both economic and non-economic damages.semi truck accident attorneys

If you have been hurt in a truck accident or if you have lost a loved one in a commercial truck collision, let one of our skilled accident attorneys help you with your case. Call us toll-free or email us right away to discuss your legal options.

The Causes Of Truck Accidents

Determining the cause of truck accidents is very important, especially for accident victims, because once a determination has been made in that regard, a knowledgeable lawyer can ensure that all appropriate parties are held responsible for their actions. There are various reasons why truck accidents happen. Truck accidents can occur because:

The truck was improperly loaded or overloaded with cargo
The tractor-trailer’s brakes failed
The tires on the truck blew out
The driver was reckless or negligent

Additionally, some truck drivers operate their trucks while they are tired, and some drive while they are under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Whatever the reason is for the truck accident, the lives of those involved can be changed forever after its occurrence. More on this website

That said, those who are involved in car accidents with trucks should speak to an accident lawyer as soon as possible to preserve their rights. Trucking companies tend to start their investigations almost immediately, and you should have an advocate working on your behalf at the same time.18 wheeler accident lawyers

Things To Consider In Truck Accident Cases

Truck accidents are a bit different from car-on-car accidents, mainly because federal rules and regulations govern trucks, in addition to state laws. For instance, the guidelines set forth by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration require truck drivers to follow certain rules with respect to the number of hours they drive and the number of hours they rest. Furthermore, the FMCSA also has licensing standards, and when trucking companies and drivers disregard those standards, accidents can happen.

A well-versed accident lawyer can assist truck accident victims in a number of ways. The attorney can evaluate the case and determine whether or not a viable case exists. If a case exists, the attorney can estimate the value of the case by looking at things such as the severity of the injuries, the victim’s portion of liability, and insurance coverage.

Individuals who have been injured or have lost loved ones in truck accidents should contact one of our capable attorneys as soon as possible. Call us toll-free or email us immediately to schedule an appointment.

Truck Accident & Injury Law

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Truck Accident & Injury Law

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Truck Negligence and Accident Claims

The U.S. Department of Transportation and Texas DOT have stringent laws regarding truck negligence. Truck negligence is the major contributing factor in fatalities in truck and automobile accidents nationwide. The number of crashes involving light trucks and passenger cars is increasing. Transportation law, for example, limits professional driving hours. More here @

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) sponsored a study that concluded approximately twice as many car drivers would die in collisions with light trucks than in similar collisions involving cars of the same weight as the light truck. For the same reasons, occupants of passenger cars and light trucks have much higher fatality rates than occupants of large trucks and buses.

Examples of truck negligence generally fall into two categories: driver error and vehicle maintenance failure. The most common cause of driver error is fatigue, which can cause clouded judgment, drowsiness, and falling asleep at the wheel. Driver error can also be due to inexperience, improper driver training, and driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs (whether prescription or illegal). Deregulation of the trucking industry has resulted in an increase in speed-limit violations among tractor-trailer drivers.

The negligence of improper truck maintenance is most frequently tire or brake related. Almost half of dispatched emergency roadside assistance calls are tire-related. Sadly, road failures are sometimes a dollar and cents gamble with your life by trucking companies. It can cost more than $100 per hour to have a truck out of service — not counting losses related to equipment utilization, the cost of the service call, and the subsequent customer dissatisfaction.semi truck accident attorneys

Not all freeway ramps or traffic patterns are engineered for trucking safety. Not all road and weather conditions are optimal for driving safely. Not all cargo is benign — hazardous materials (HAZMAT) increase the driving stress in industrial and professional truck shipping. Professional drivers, commonly known as “truckers”, must be constantly aware of road conditions as well as the load that they carry. Truck negligence leads to accidents causing injury, pain, property damage, and — too frequently — death.

Oilfield Accident Lawyers – Personal Injury Attorneys

oilfield accident attorneys

No Matter Who You Sue, You’re In for a Fight

In all oilfield injury suits, defendants usually either have powerful insurance companies with very good legal representation to stand in your way, or will be “self-insured” or uninsured. No matter which of these three categories your opponent falls into, they all fight just as hard to avoid paying for your injuries. And if one of the corporate petroleum giants is involved, they may have a powerful patron to back them up, if it suits their purposes.

oilfield accident attorneys
Oil well and storage tanks in the Texas Panhandle.

Attorneys are either on staff or permanent retainer to represent non-subscribers’ insurance companies. They have to be good defenders of their clients or these deep-pocketed insurance companies would never hire them. These attorneys, and their Insurance company clients, often act confrontational, patronizing and very dismissive towards you. But you can beat them if you have a just cause for claim, solid evidence to back it up, and a San Antonio drilling accident lawyer to counter their arrogance and trickery.

But as bad as they are, other opponents can be even worse. They would be the self-insured contractors and subcontractors who are liable your injuries, or those who have no insurance at all. These people, usually the wildcatters and independents, can come up with even worse tricks once an injured worker takes legal action against them to recover damages. Some of their tricks would curl your hair.

You will deal directly with an officer of this self-insured drilling or pipeline company whose salary is comes from company profits. So if this person pays your injury claim that money comes directly out of company funds. So by compensating you, your employer, or that third party, literally takes money out his own pocket. We’ve seen many sneaky, self-insured company officers use any and all means, legal or otherwise, to oppose your claim while he protects his company’s, and personal, assets.

These people are not above deliberately destroying evidence, bribing or intimidating witnesses, or resorting to physical threats against you, your attorney, or anyone else standing in his way. When we represent a client against a self-insured company, the first thing we often do is to file motions to prevent anyone within the self-insured company from behaving inappropriately against our clients. Sometimes these motions include clear demands that not even communicate with our clients, or their families in any way without one of our attorneys present. oil rig accident lawyers

What You Need to Do (and Not Do) Right Now to Win Oilfield Injury Compensation

The most important thing for you to remember right now is this. Before you speak with an insurance company, or accept even a single dollar of payment or compensation from your employer, or sign anything, or attempt to file a lawsuit on your own, you must contact a competent lawyer. Your employer or his insurance company is praying that you’ll accept a substandard settlement and save them money, and a trial. So keep your mouth shut and your eyes wide open. In fact, it’s never a good idea to discuss any details of your injuries or intentions, or anything else about the injury, with your employer, a third party, anyone with the insurance company, or even your co-workers before you speak to an experienced drilling accident lawyer. He’ll tell you to keep on keeping your mouth shut. And it’s good advice.

Then, you must realize the critical importance of acting swiftly. In oilfield accident cases, the evidence begins fading almost immediately. Physical evidence can quickly change, or be lost forever. Witness stories change, or they forget what they saw. If you wait too long to hire an attorney and put him to work, you seriously compromise your ability to win the injury damages you and your family deserve.