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Trucking Accident Lawyers – 18 Wheeler Crash Attorneys

Truckers drive tens of thousands of miles annually as they deliver products, parcels, supplies, and oversized industrial items. As they complete their runs, tractor-trailers frequently have loads consisting of tens of thousands of pounds. These big rigs are the giants of the road, and vehicles of this size must be operated with the most outstanding care. More info on this website

Trucking Accident Causes

Because tractor-trailers are so big, personal injuries and damage are often quite devastating when involved in collisions. The Federal Motor Carrier Security Administration (FMCSA) and the Department of Transportation regulate trucking. When seeking an attorney, look for an accident attorney who knows trucking regulations. An experienced personal injury lawyer who knows semi-accident cases may sometimes be referred to as a truck accident lawyer. Both federal and state laws restrict the number of hours a truck driver can drive per day. These restrictions are referred to as the trucker’s hours of service. The intention is to stop fatigued drivers from operating their trucks in this way to jeopardize the safety of other motorists. Unfortunately, you will find times when trucking companies overlook drivers’ violations of these rest time restrictions. Occasionally, they encourage their employees to complete shipments rapidly to exceed the limitations. By doing either of these things, the trucking company could be responsible for creating a hazard on the road.

Another harmful practice by a trucking company is being careless or negligent when hiring new drivers. In this scenario, the trucking company fails to conduct background research into a new hire’s background before making a job offer. Truck driver job applicants may have severe violations in their driving record, making them ineligible for a position. Additionally, some trucking firms don’t invest the time and resources essential for proper training, resulting in numerous dangerous truck drivers being unleashed onto our roadways. Finally, trucking firms must thoroughly maintain their own trucks to guarantee security. Tractor-trailers need routine engine and brake inspections to ensure correct, safe operation. The outcome could be deadly when trucking companies choose to save money by neglecting these duties.

Truck Accident Lawyer
When choosing a truck accident lawyer for your serious semi accident claim or the truck crash case on behalf of a loved one, call our Law Firm. A truck accident attorney will serve your needs.

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