Do I Need an 18 Wheeler Truck Wreck Lawyer?

Drivers of commercial vehicles and trucks (18 wheelers, large trucks, taxi cabs, bus or other commercial trucks) depend on a spotless driving record to make a living. The desire to keep their records clean can often times lead to lies or lack of recall about what really happened during an accident.

In the event of an accident, be sure to get witness names, contact information and descriptions of what they witnessed. Request a police accident report be filed. Take pictures of your automobile, as well as the accident site if possible. Pictures tell a story, it is imperative to get accident photos that include pictures of both vehicles (complete a full 360 degree rotation around the accident site to get all angles of the accident), intersections and whatever other images that may support your personal injury case.

18 wheeler and commercial truck companies are notorious for making it as difficult as possible for injured victims to file claims, often forcing victims to “prove” the accident or claim. This is true whether the company handles these injury/auto claims in-house or if they are handled through the insurance company.

North Texas courts, specifically in the Dallas area, make it even harder on injury victims by placing additional burdens of proof and evidence on the victim, rather than on the driver who caused the crash.

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